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About Us

The Zellor Group is a research and development organisation that designs social and eCommerce platforms aimed at altering how and why consumers interact with brands online.

We focus on refining the interplay between new and current technologies in order to design and build mobile-first, engaging user experiences. Our systems are built to strengthen the relationship between customers and brands.

We build systems that help brands build loyalty.

Zellor is led by Niall O’Sullivan, a passionate technology entrepreneur. Niall’s previous venture Arconics developed aircraft mobile technology that has been utilised by the world’s top aviation companies since 2001. In 2016, Arconics was acquired by Viasat, a California based global satellite communication company. Niall is also a founder of, one of Europe’s leading user experience design companies. Zellor was founded to reflect Niall’s passion for bringing the best in innovation, design and software engineering through to meaningful consumer experiences and brand commercialisation.

We focus on research and development in areas such as Social Commerce, AI, Crypto and Blockchain. Out of this, we are currently developing a unique platform for brands that challenges the traditional online shopping experience. Disco Club uses current technologies in new ways whilst developing new proprietary systems to make fashion discovery more immersive and relevant.

Fashion to match your moves.

Shopping is about discovering something as unique as you are. With Disco Club you get acces to the world's best brands, tailored content and rewards to help you get the look you've always been searching for.

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🎉 Launching in July, 2021

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